Rad Power Bikes Reviews

Rad Power Bikes Reviews and best practices

Rad Power Bikes Reviews
Rad Power Bikes reviews. What are Rad Power Bikes? These are the types of bikes that are powered with battery. There are different types of rad power bikes which is radcity, radrover, radmini and radwagon. Each of these rad power bikes have different manuals which you need to follow to enjoy better usage of these bikes.

Advantages of Rad Power Bikes

There are lots of advantage on using rad power bikes.

Cars to e-bikes – From comparing car costs, maintenance, electricity, accessory cost and many more. So lets start with comparing car cost maintenance and other accessories to e-bikes. Car cost 1 year estimated amount is about $1,150 which includes tires, license, maintenance, finance charges, fuel, insurance, and taxes. While a 1 year estimated cost for an e-bike is only about $160 which is $150 in maintenance and $10 for electricity. This calculation is based on a 2500 local miles travel per year.

Shopping made easy! – When ridding an e-bike you’ll find it more easier to go shopping locally.

Sustainable – E-bikes are simply the best. You can easily charge them with renewable energy sources, low carbon foot prints and are very efficient to use.

City Advatanges – Having headaches looking for a space to park your car? With Rad Power Bikes you don’t need a lot of space to park.

Traffic Advantages – With the e-bikes you wont be bothered with the heavy traffic in the city anymore. E-bikes just needs a little space to run on streets which makes it easy for you to take advantage of those big cars.

Money Saver – Yes it is, unlike cars you don’t need to buy gas and registration fees not even for a license.

Simplify your lifestyle – Live your life in a very simple way. Make your outdoor travel and shopping very easy.

Carbon Foot Print – Unlike cars, you don’t need to worry about air pollution, or sound pollution. The average car emits 271 grams per 1 kilometer which is 0.6lbs per 1.6 miles while, depending on your city’s source of energy, an electric bike emits 22 grams per 1 kilometer which is also about .05lbs per 1.6 miles.

Where to buy cheap Rad Power Bikes

As we all know buying from third party stores or dealers will cost you more money that is not within our budgets. It is best to buy a dealer which is “Direct to Consumers Manufacturer” as the price will not be more or less than 50% of what a third party price is. We have been searching for cheaper e-bikes online and we found cheap power rad bikes. They are a direct to consumer manufacturer of rad power bikes where the price is ranging from $1,499 to $1,599. Yes they are way cheaper than third party dealers which is from $3,000 to $5000 per e-bike.

Thank you for reading our rad power bikes reviews for rad power bikes for cheap, we hope that this article have helped you made a decision upon purchase.

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